"No one can truly be a friend to another if he is not first of all a friend of the truth.....When I speak up for your good, I will be all the more frank with you the more I am your friend bcause I will be all the more a friend the more I am faithful to you". (Letter 155. 1.1)

The Province is currently preparing for a review by the National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church in Ireland. We welcome this review. We invite anybody who wishes to contact us about our past or current record as Augustinians in safeguarding children and how we responded and continue to respond today to anyone who was a victim of any kind of abuse, particularly sexual abuse, to contact us, or the Gardaí or the National Board itself. Contact details are included on the letter which is attached below. Please, be assured, your voice will be heard and acted upon.

John Hennebry OSA (Prior Provincial)...see Safeguarding section of this website.

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