St. Augustine – who was he?

Before all else,
dear brothers, love God
and then your neighbour,   because these are the chief commandments given to us.


St. Augustine of Hippo

ST. AUGUSTINE OF HIPPO.              



He shared a house with companions who, like himself, had turned away from the material world, observed rules of discipline and personal poverty, did manual work and spent time debating questions of faith. This became the heart of the fellowship that is continued today in the Augustinian communities throughout the world.

Word of his community soon became widely known and he was appointed Bishop of Hippo in c.354. His life and those of many others would never be the same again. The man who desired ‘‘complete detachment from the tumult of transient things’’ soon became one of the busiest and most productive men in the world.

He travelled widely, and while fulfiling his spiritual obligations as a bishop and magistrate, produce d over two-hundred books, a thousand sermons, letters and other treatises including his most famous books ‘The Confessions’ and ‘City of God’.

When the Order of St. Augustine began to take shape in the thirteenth century, it became apparent that its primary sense of direction would come from an attempt to imitate the first community founded by St. Augustine in North Africa.